4 Basics Every Non-Profit Organization Needs To Generate and Sustain Senior Leadership

“We love Finding Home™. Anyone who wants to do a piece of creative community development, around any issue, talk to Jessie about that. The relationships built in this way are sustainable relationships.”
~ Karen Larcombe, South Vancouver Neighbourhood House

The Sustainability focus group

Leaders from the non-profit sector, corporate community investment sector, financial institutions and community foundations sat down with us to talk about the necessary building blocks for sustaining elder leadership development programs over the long term.

1. Readiness self-assessment.
Before an organization can even begin to implement elder leadership programs, they must ensure that they possess the relationships, resources and funding necessary to see it through.

2. A team of champions.
Whether it’s a champion in a decision-making role and strategic position in the organization (eg. Executive Director or Board member), or a bilingual elders’ cultural champion from the community group you’d like to work with, the right teammates make all the difference.

3. Trusted community partners.
Your choice of community partners is an opportunity to build on (or improve) the trust relationships between community members and public or private resources, all while sharing goals and resources. Examples include: health services, legal systems, faith groups and financial institutions.

4. Quality data collection.
Data collection, such as evaluation and reporting tools, should be built into the project from the beginning in order to measure impact, access funding and make policy recommendations that can help elder leadership initiatives thrive well into the future.

Is your organization interested in providing sustainable leadership training for elders?

Our flagship program, Finding Home™, builds self-reliance, leadership and abuse resistance among isolated and culturally diverse elders.

Learn more about our capacity-building program, Finding Home, by emailing jessie@worldviewstrategies.com or calling 604.879.2402.

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