Agency Leaders Discuss What It Takes To Host A Finding Home Program

“It is amazing to see multicultural individuals to come together as one group with a common purpose and then move forward together in remarkable ways.” ~ Claudine Matlo, Agency Leader

Did you know?
It costs an estimated $12,000 to support leadership development for 12 elders. Those costs are reduced at the end of the dialogue series, but the work load is not, beacuse organizations provide ongoing support for the elder-led initiatives developed through the program.

Here’s what some of our most dedicated Finding Home™ champions, each of them Agency Leaders in community-building organizations, had to say about what it takes to successfully host the program:

High-level commitment.
Ongoing commitment to supporting not only the dialogue series, but the participant-led initiatives that emerge as a result. The support of decision makers in the organization, like the Executive Director or Board members, is especially essential.

Passionate people.
Creating meaningful change in a community often requires that individuals go above and beyond in their work. Agency leaders were grateful for their interpreters, who helped bridge language and cultural barriers, and community champions, who helped write grants to support the participant-led projects.

Strong support.
Our focus group indicated that one of their biggest challenges was keeping up with basics like participants’ photocopying, printing and transportation needs. They recommended that future host agencies ensure they have strong administrative and logistic support.

With their insights in mind, we developed some great tools to improve the sustainability and effectiveness of future Finding Home™ programs.

For example:
• Community and host agency readiness self-assessment tools, including a template for a letter of commitment from the Executive Director.
• We developed a step-by-step program manual with descriptions of each role and its responsibilities to guide Agencies’ Core Team recruitment.
• We also created a work plan and cost projection tool designed to prepare Agency staff for the road ahead.

Is your organization looking for ways to collaborate with partners, incorporate feedback and help your processes evolve?

Our flagship program, Finding Home™, builds self-reliance, leadership and abuse resistance among isolated and culturally diverse elders.

If you would like to learn more about our Finding Home™ dialogue program, email or call 604.879.2402.

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