Collaborative Decision Making : Launching “Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives”

A Non-Profit Organization Collaboration Success Story

Case Study
Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives was created in order to combine the efforts and resources of two non-profit organizations.

The Parties Involved
Volunteer Richmond Information Services and Richmond Community Foundation were looking for ways to increase their efficiency and effectiveness through sharing resources and deepening their collaboration.

The Challenge
Both organizations knew where they wanted to end up, but they needed help designing and facilitating the decision-making steps and processes that would get them there.

The Solution
The first step was to bring both Boards together. They reached a unanimous decision to move forward with the new organization’s name and collaborative model, which would reduce costs for both administration and fundraising positions and activities.

Next, we worked with both the RCRG Board of Directors and the Joint Steering Committee to develop a decision-making process, as well as identify decision steps and responsibilities for delivering key pieces of the project (eg. Memorandum of Agreement, Bylaw changes and a Communications Plan).

Third, we brought in external resources, including non-profit legal expertise and a strategist for addressing key pieces of the puzzle.

Together, we created a visual representation of our progress that enabled everyone to keep track of the decision steps, timelines and responsibilities. The graphic included a traffic light at the top of each month’s Board meeting’s decision. This visual helped remind people what had already been agreed upon, what each day’s decision was, and the consequences that would arise if no decision was made.

Within six months, the constructive results were in! Joint decisions were successfully made about the organization’s name, governance, communications plan and bylaw changes needed. Legal documents were finalized and signed, culminating in the launch of Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives (RCRG).

Congratulations to Volunteer Richmond Information Services and Richmond Community Foundation for this remarkable collaborative effort.

Does your organization require processes to collaborate with other partners, associations or businesses?

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