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Customized Consulting

We provide the skills, knowledge and processes for your business to build quality relationships within your workplace teams as well as with the communities you serve. Intercultural Strategies can work with you to create customized courses, training and programs to increase effectiveness, get your team doing their best work together and create magic with the communities you serve. As a result you will enjoy increased trust, loyalty and retention.
Culture of Belonging

The secret sauce to psychologically safe, collaborative, high performing and innovative teams is building cultures of belonging and inclusion. We work with you to identify the attitudes, behaviour as well as the systems and policies that will create a culture of true belonging and deep inclusion. We then customize a package for your unique needs. We believe when we unleash the talents and strengths of diverse communities magic begins to happen – increasing collaboration and innovation with even the most difficult challenges.

We would love to work with you to achieve your goals with your unique context. Email us or call 604.879.2402 and let’s chat!

Intercultural Collaboration

Intercultural Engagement and CollaborationIntercultural Strategies custom designs and facilitates stakeholder engagement for collaborative decision making to suit your unique needs. We engage diverse participation, transform conflict into collaboration, and create conditions for people to do their best work together producing results with lasting impact.

Recent projects include:

  • Municipal-wide approach to engage and mobilize diverse communities to work together to address the overdose crisis.
  • Regional approach to engage and mobilize diverse cultures to inform an approach to address seniors’ isolation and priority needs.
We would love to work with you to achieve your goals with your unique context. Email us or call 604.879.2402 and let’s chat!
Work Matters Conversations and System Change 
Intercultural Strategies provides the skills, knowledge and tools to create the conditions for teams to do their best work together. This is particularly critical for teams who have experienced a variety of human rights violations such as workplace bullying and harassment which often leave teams unmotivated, disoriented, confused and unsure who to trust.Work Matters Conversations offer a safe space to explore the importance work plays in our lives, how we each contribute to our workplace culture and collaboratively come up with tools and strategies for moving forward together.…
As a result, managers and employees will:
  • Enhance team communication, trust and relationships
  • Strengthen capacity to address problems effectively and creatively
  • Increase self awareness, understanding and responsibility
  • Renew motivation, engagement and collaboration
  • Inform policy and system changes

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