How To Belong In A Rapidly Changing World

A community change approach

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In the face of challenges such as the moving homes, opioid crisis, refugee settlement and integration, elder abuse, affordable housing, cyber bullying, or conflicts over land and resources, people from across cultures and sectors are yearning for meaning, purpose and a sense of belonging: home.

How To Belong In A Rapidly Changing World™ is a strengths-based community development process that fosters a sense of belonging and generates innovative community-led, self-organizing projects. The program provides leadership development for Agency Leaders and facilitation services for a series of 4 dialogue sessions attended by members of the Agency’s public community.

This process provides a framework in which to bring diverse cultures, individuals and sectors together. It has been used for fostering a sense of belonging, evidence-based community planning, reconciliation and progressive community change, among other things.

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Impact and Benefits

  • Community Members

Program participants feel empowered and respected while they create meaningful new community connections and foster an increased sense of belonging.

  • Community Organizations

How To Belong In A Rapidly Changing World™ Community Organizations appreciate the program’s focus on customized leadership training, as well as its valuable applications for needs and strengths assessment, planning, mentoring and volunteer development.

  • Government

The Finding Home™ program identifies emerging trends and service improvement needs. As a result, government is better equipped to  create more evidence-based policies and make better decisions about where to best place resources for maximum impact.

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How Communities are using the Finding Home Approach

  • Fostering a Sense of Belonging
    Helping isolated, marginalized and / or culturally diverse elders discover a sense of belonging within their groups as well as in the wider community.
  • Evidence-Based Planning
    Identifying emerging trends and needs for service and program improvement and development.
  • Awareness & Prevention
    Increasing awareness, confidence, self esteem and prevention rates on a variety of topics, including elder financial abuse.
  • Community Collaboration
    Building trust and recognition between elders and community resources; as well as fostering inter-agency collaboration.
  • Elders’ Personal Development
    Increasing self awareness, confidence and energy.
  • Community Engagement
    Creating opportunities for elders to take an active role in their community.
  • Leadership Development
    Developing non-profit sector leadership by creating, mobilizing and supporting citizen-led, self-organizing projects.
  • Intercultural Cohesion and Reconciliation
    Improving cross-cultural understanding and relationships.

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Your Next Steps

Discover opportunities to increase your community impact with the Finding Home™ program:

  • Host a Finding Home™ Program
    The first step is to host the program. The experience gained through hosting provides a valuable foundation of familiarity with the Finding Home™ Dialogue and Capacity Building Program’s unique approach.


  • Get In-house Facilitator Training
    Once you have hosted the program, you can take the next step and train your own in-house Facilitator. Our 4 Levels of Training program teaches the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for facilitating citizen engagement for community action.

 Each level is also available as an independent workshop. The four levels are:

               Level 1: Belonging Matters

               Level 2: Working Together

               Level 3: Creating ChangeTop

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