Belonging Matters Foundations


SAVE WHEN YOU PAY IN FULL. Learn the foundations and essential tools to build belonging and foster community change.


Many systems, policies, practices and even attitudes and behaviours are outdated and contribute to many of the social and environmental challenges facing our communities and the world. More and more leaders are recognizing what does not work and yearn for a fresh approach to build connected communities.

This four-day training provides practical tools and approaches to build cultures of belonging as a foundational step to unleashing dormant talents and working effectively together to address complex social problems.

Belonging Matters Foundations can be taken together as a series or as standalone training days:

  1. In-Person: Roadmap for Community-Led Change
  2. In-Person: Being a Belonging Champion
  3. In-Person: How to Unleash Dormant Talents
  4. In-Person: Engage Diversity – Convening Tools and Practices


  • Workbooks for each training

Terms: Travel arrangements, if required, must be negotiated in addition to this training. Within 30 days of purchase, you may contact us and have your payment applied to alternate Intercultural Strategies products or services. In the event that the event is cancelled by Intercultural Strategies, you will receive a full refund. 

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