Seniors Recommend 3 Ways to Support Their Leadership

“Finding Home™ dialogues help us find and grow a sense of home within ourselves and in our own lives. We then bring that sense of home out into the community.”
~ Bette Rumble, Finding Home™ Dialogue Participant

The Afghan elders focus group

A lively series of focus groups, made up of past Finding Home™ program participants, suggests 3 key ways for organizations to support elder leadership. These recommendations are relevant to citizen leadership across all demographics:

1. Ongoing support.
An organization should plan to be involved with their participants for the long term; the relationship doesn’t end when the conversation series does! Participants require support before, during and after the program, to ensure that the initiatives they’ve developed are having the maximum impact possible in their community. Logistic details such as printing, transportation and presentation coordination also make an enormous difference.

2. Community Education.
In addition to creating a space for participants to share their knowledge and tackle priority issues, wider community change is made possible by educating relevant professionals in that field as well. For example: in Finding Home™’s case, this would mean working with seniors to train bank personnel to recognize signs of elder financial abuse so that they can become allies for abuse prevention.

3. Foster a sense of belonging.
People do their best work when they are contributing to a community they identify with. Create opportunities for elders to foster a sense of belonging, showcase their work and engage in multicultural community dialogues. As their relationships with each other and the organization grow deeper, so too will the messages they share in their individual projects.

Does your organization have a mission to empower the members of your community?

Our flagship program, Finding Home™, builds self-reliance, leadership and abuse resistance among isolated and culturally diverse elders.

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