Sisters and Daughters Day – A New Punjabi Ceremony to Celebrate Girls!

During Finding Home™ South Asian Punjabi seniors’ dialogues at South Vancouver Neighbourhood House, participants explored the root cause of Elder financial abuse in their communities. They all agreed one of the root causes was raising boys to be selfish. As they explored the different ways girls and boys are treated and taught in their community, they realized there are several ceremonies to celebrate boys and men’s long lives and health but not the equivalent for girls and women. Consequently, this dynamic group of seniors have decided to start the first Sisters and Daughters Day to celebrate South Asian Punjabi girls long lives and health. Their goal is to promote equality and nurture values such as kindness and caring in both girls and boys. The first ceremony will be held on June 30th 2011 at Sunset Community Centre in Vancouver.


South Asian Punjabi Seniors plan new Sisters & Daughters Day

Download Posters HERE.

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