The Paradox of Our Times


We certainly live in times of transition, change and paradox. On the one hand, we face incredible local and global challenges (war, climate change, affordable housing, hunger, disease, etc.) On the other hand, innovation and creativity are enabling us to accomplish things our ancestors would never have dreamed possible.

How can we harness our capacity to innovate to address the challenges we face with lasting impact? Based on our research and real life experience in the field, approaches are the most sustainable and successful when they:

  • Recognize and integrate diverse interests and worldviews
  • Pay attention to developing quality relationships
  • Foster a sense of belonging
  • Build on the strengths of local communities
  • Encourage and teach values-based decision making skills
  • Create capacity for self-organizing and leadership

In the coming months we will elaborate on these key ingredients through sharing stories, tips and strategies.

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