3 Skills for Facilitating Intercultural Neighbourhoods

The City of Richmond invited me to give their keynote address at their annual Diversity Symposium. I was asked to give a keynote that would offer tips and strategies for create meaningful grassroots initiatives, foster intercultural relationships and foster collaboration amongst community partners.

Drawing on 10 years of experience leading the Finding Home: How To Belong To A Changing World program, I offered stories and strategies that could be boiled down to 3 simple skills, each involving the core competency of LISTENING:

A. Listen to People

Listen to people with lived experience to hear their stories, their ideas about the root cause of a social issue, their strategies to address the issue and support them in leading the change. For example Victims to Champion Speaker Bureau, Conversation Cafes, Afghan Puppet Show, South Asian Punjabi Sisters and Daughters Day.

B. Listen for Opportunities

In listening to people and drawing on their strengths, you will be able to identify creative opportunities such as the Iranian River Party and Who Wants To Play Mahjong.

C. Listen to Each Other and Leverage Strengths

As community leaders, an essential ingredient is how we listen to each other to fully leverage our strengths to support people with lived experience. Read about the 5 ingredients need to plan for and leverage community strengths for community change processes.

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