Tips on Personal Power For Seniors

During Finding Home™ dialogues on Elder financial abuse in the North Shore, participants explored one of the important prevention strategies is for seniors to learn about personal power. As a result, dialogue participants Glenys McMillan and Bette Rumble decided to develop a seminar and write a flyer entitled “Personal Power for Elders and Seniors”.

Bette Rumbles shares her story about confronting a con artist

Bette Rumble shares her story about confronting a con artist

Read about what Glenys and Bette write about personal power…..


Personal Power not only helps to prevent victimization but also increases
self knowledge and self esteem for any age or gender.

When trust is violated by family, doctors, teachers, financial advisors or
whoever, it is very hard to trust again. How then can one be assured that it is
safe to trust? This can be accomplished by developing the skills of Personal
. This concept, because of it’s importance is included in The Canadian
Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Personal Power does not mean controlling others. We need Personal
to interact and maintain healthy relationships. Personal Power helps
us to keep our boundaries in place and helps keep us safe. It gives us the
confidence to solve problems. It affords us, among other things, to enjoy
other cultures.

Personal Power is developed by how we make decisions, by how we behave
and how we think. The antidote to feeling powerless is having faith and
confidence in ourselves to make the right decisions and thereby to determine
the direction and outcomes we hope to achieve.
You are a powerful person. You just have to “plug in” and use this inner

Glenys McMullan talks about personal power

Glenys McMullan talks about personal power


1. Be Truthful With Yourself – To problem solve we need to get to the root
of the dilemma. Set aside embarrassment, shame, fear, rose-coloured
glasses, and deal honestly with the problem, particularly when dealing with
family issues. When we are being treated unfairly our Personal Power needs to be utilized.
There are a number of “red flags” that can help us identify when others are
taking advantage of us. (See handout on wolf in sheep’s clothing.)

2. Know who you are – A strong sense of values and goals will help us to
maintain our Personal Power and the directions in which we want to move.
Assert the right to be who you want to be. As Elders we have learned a lot
about life and ourselves, and we need to have faith in our good judgement.

3. Be Assertive Not Aggressive – Elders with Personal Power will
understand they have the right to say no and also to negotiate a problem. An
assertive person, unlike an aggressive person, will be considerate of the
feelings and best interests of everyone while negotiating such situations as
baby sitting, domestic chores, Power of Attorney and Real Estate etc.

4. Ask for informed help – Too often Seniors become so independent or
proud that they will refuse to ask for assistance. Sometimes Seniors energy,
health, are sources in the community that offer help in several languages, on
legal and emotional family issues.

5. Set an example – A significant way that a Senior with Personal Power can
contribute to the community is to tell their stories and to model solving
problems in a respectful and democratic manner.

6. Embrace Risk – If Seniors believe in Personal Power. They will have the
confidence to try new things – whether negotiating a financial agreement or
Power of Attorney or over hauling health and fitness habits etc. Taking
responsible risks is one way to keep Seniors passionate about living.

Personal Power is important for everyone including Seniors. It includes
being truthful with yourself, know who you are, being assertive, asking for
informed help, setting an example and embracing risk. It is an essential
element in living a happy, safe fulfilled life!

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