Essential Worldview Skills For a Rapidly Changing WorldEssential Worldview Skills For a Rapidly Changing World

Learn what a worldview is, why it matters, and how you can support long-term transformative change in individuals, organizations, and communities.

Belonging Matters Training Options:

Belonging Matters Foundations with Jessie SutherlandBelonging Matters Foundations

Access a 4-part training including practical tools and approaches to build cultures of belonging as a foundational step to unleashing dormant talents and working effectively together to address complex social problems.

Community of Practice

Community of PracticeJoin our monthly Community of Practice call where you can connect with Jessie Sutherland to ask questions, share successes, seek feedback on challenges, and find mutual support.

Customized Training Solutions:

Intercultural Strategies provides customized training solutions for organizations, social innovators and change-makers working in diverse communities. To learn more, call 604.879.2402 or book an appointment to speak with Jessie Sutherland.