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Customized Training Solutions

Intercultural Strategies provides customized training solutions for organizations, social innovators and change-makers working in diverse communities. Our unique approach creates a culture of belonging and inclusion. Our proven approach engages diversity, fosters intercultural collaboration and catalyzes innovation.

Organizations looking to connect and engage with a new diverse communities often start with customized training packages to learn our 5 step formula, including strategic partnership building, the art of inviting, welcoming and sustaining engagement.

Organizations looking for tools and skills for collaborative decision making in divided, conflicted or polarized situations benefit from our Intercultural Collaboration Toolkits and Training packages. Our values based approach fosters understanding, respect, and motivation to work together for a common goal.

Organization keen to catalyze a culture shift that ignites fresh thinking and a change in attitudes and behaviours as well as policies and systems is ready for our high impact intercultural innovation and training packages.

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Leadership Programs

Intercultural Strategies provides leadership programs for teachers, thought leaders, changemakers, social innovators in corporate, non-profit, philanthropic, education and government sectors:

Level 1: Core Competencies for Working Together

In this one day training, you will learn core competencies for working effectively across difference such as a new approach to intercultural competencies and values based problem solving skills. Once you have completed Level 1, you may continue to our Level 2 course. To learn more Email us or call 604.879.2402.

Level 2: Keys to Success in Community-Led Initiatives

In this one day training, you will learn core competencies for generating and supporting community-led initiatives to address complex social issues such as pitfalls and key factors in planning and designing community-let initiatives; deep listening to unleash and draw on individual and group strengths; and working effectively with saboteurs. One you have completed Level 1 & 2, you may apply to take Intercultural Strategies’ methodolgy for community-led initiatives – How To Belong In A Changing World.

Level 3: Award Winning Methodology for Community-Led Initiatives

This comprehensive course involves a 3 day training + 10 community of practice webinars and the ability to access and use the implementation tools listed below. During this course you will experience and practice Intercultural Strategies award winning community-led transformative methodology and learn to apply key leadership tools and practices.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants can access and use the following implementation tools:

  • In House Project Lead Manual
  • Facilitator’s Manual
  • Digital Tools
  • Work Plan and Cost Projection Tool
  • Build Your Own Budget Template
  • Facilitator Skills Checklist, interview questions and assessment grid
  • Agency and Community Readiness Checklist and Self Assessment
  • Forms & Handouts
  •  Graphic Templates (Convening Poster, Resource Kits, Signage, Learning Posters, Recognition card, Certificate of Completion and more)

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Post Secondary Courses

We empower students with the research, knowledge and skills to build quality intercultural engagement and collaboration and become leaders within their chosen fields. Our courses integrate team-based learning, community engaged learning, scholarly research and experiential learning.

Selected Course Topics and Successes

At UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning, Jessie Sutherland designed and taught a number of courses where graduate students with matched with non profit leaders and together learned skills for community engagement, values based problems solving, intercultural collaboration, social innovation and grant writing.

For the Justice Institute of British Columbia’s Police Academy, Jessie Sutherland created Diversity Training For Community Policing. During this course students learned skills to interpret challenging situations from a variety of perspectives; identify how triggers and mirrors influence responses to difficult situations; employ values-based tools to enhance choice making in challenging situations. As a result students became better listeners, less judgmental and more compassionate.Successful programs for Summer Institutes on Reconciliation have also been implemented at Langara College and Concordia University.

“Jessie Sutherland was the lead Diversity instructor in our Police Recruit Training Program. The topic of Diversity has historically been one of the most challenging ones facing our instructors. Jessie was able to draw on her unique experience building inclusive communities to develop and deliver an innovative four-stage values-based approach to Diversity. She turned one of the most challenging topics in our police training program into one of our most effective.
Jessie’s approach to the topic of Diversity was based on an adult-learning model. She took the time to get to know the backgrounds of the participants in order to provide the most valuable learning experience possible. She had the recruits begin by exploring their own attitudes and behaviors so each recruit could reflect on aspects of their own lives to learn to apply the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required for the cross-cultural problem solving, communication, and networking that is so important in all aspects of police work. This approach brought real meaning to each recruit’s learning experience.
I made it a point to sit in on Jessie’s sessions because they were so interesting. I learned a lot about each recruit because they were often discussing how teaching points pertained to them individually. I still use Jessie’s theories pertaining to Diversity in my own teaching sessions, appropriately referenced of course.”
~ Don Walden,
Program Director, Police Recruit Training,
JIBC Police Academy

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Jessie Sutherland was nominated for the 2014 Remarkable Women Project, celebrating reconciliation—honouring women who build understanding and empathy between people. Read about her work here.

Jessie Sutherland’s passion for fostering reconciliation infuses all she does. An expert on reconciliation processes from around the world, she developed a framework for transforming Aboriginal – non Aboriginal relations to one of more understanding and empathy. Taught at all levels, Intercultural Strategies shares practical skills and describes how to create conditions for reconciliation within individuals, families, communities and systems.

Inspired by her involvement with the National Day of Healing and Reconciliation, Jessie spearheaded a national public conversations project on Aboriginal – non Aboriginal reconciliation. She also developed a cross-cultural skills workshop for student exchange programs between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities used to prepare 20,000 students annually.

Jessie works with youth, seniors, and leadership to promote inclusion, compassion and cross-cultural understanding. By enhancing dialogue and capacity-building at the local level, her Finding Home initiative contributes to laying the foundation for societal reconciliation. This Vancouverite is making a difference!

Read our success stories, blog and testimonials to find out how Jessie Sutherland is making an impact.

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